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Print Instructions

Follow the steps below to print a complete article
For instructions on printing part of an article click here.

Print Complete Article
Step 1 Displayed at the bottom of all articles is a 'Print Article' icon. Click on the icon.
Step 2 After clicking on the 'Print Article' icon a new page will be displayed in a new window.
The new page will contain only the
article content.
  Select File - Print from the browser menu, and a similar print dialog box will appear (as below).
Step 3

Set the print options for printing and click on the print button. The article will be printed to the selected printer.

Note: The printer list as above will vary depending on the printer's set-up on your network.

Step 4 Close the window that appeared in step 2. The window that appeared in Step 1 should still be displayed as below.
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